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Who are we?

MECAMET 333, C.A. is a Venezuelan company in the industry branch mining dedicated to sharing production processes necessary to carry out primary and related activities such as prospecting, exploration, exploitation, extraction, processing, treatment, refining, transformation, national and international transport of gold deposits, coltan, cassiterite and therefore all the minerals associated with these, including those elements found at Venezuelan Territory not included in the periodic table that may have use strategy and technological application.

We are a company specialized in the execution of mining developments and exploitation.

Company Mission

Develop a mining model through safe operations, low cost, with innovative technology, with social commitment and respect for the environment, creates value for shareholders, employees and the geographic zone or country where we operate.

Company Vision

Being a mining company be recognized by the productivity, efficiency and sustainable development in the extraction and processing of minerals, beem recognized for our high safety standards and for our commitment constant with the community and the conservation of the environment.

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